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Seth Novak is one of the main characters in The Wilds and served as the secondary antagonist in Season 2. He is portrayed by Alex Fitzalan.

He is naturally funny, Ivy-League smart, and full of charisma. Though he doesn’t necessarily aspire to a leadership role, Seth’s steadiness and sense of humor win him the respect and loyalty of the others, except for his stepbrother Henry who clearly has issues with him. It is revealed later that he is sociopathic and psychotic as going as far to assaulting Josh when he was trying to sleep and physically abusing his girlfriend.


Seth Novak lives with his father, step-mother and step-brother Henry after his biological mother left him at an early age. As a result of his mother walking out on him, Seth has always had a hard time with the idea of not being liked, and the feelings of obsession, hate, and wrath often fill him because of it. Seth was always seen as kind, but this illusion soon fell away after his relationship with Julia was revealed. Before the island, Seth had a girlfriend named Julia. Julia and him had gotten together in the morning after that night she had drunkenly went over to his house. After that their relationship seems good until Seth finds out Julia was hanging out with another boy and his obsessive, physical violent self emerges. After Seth had realized Julia was with another boy the events between that and when he decided to steal her family’s cat are unclear, but what is clear is that his own step brother did not know what was happening. After a while of spam texts and most likely days of trying to communicate Julia agrees to met with Seth. Seth then has her grabbed by the arm and holds on not letting her go while she is clearly in pain. We then find out Seth’s parents later we’re told of the incident and then he is sent to the Island.


Throughout the Series[]

Throughout the series Seth’s personality sees a drastic change. From going to the kind, nice guy that made everyone included to the sick, vile teenager we have come to meet. Seth in the beginning episodes make a clear relationship with a fellow islander named Raf where from there until almost the end of the series maintain a trust which may be because of there both slight co-dependent personalities. The first time we notice something seemingly off about the character is when his step brother Henry makes a comment about his biological mother and Seth loses it. He tackles his brother in the ocean and then begins to drown him. After finally realizing what he is doing he stops and slightly pushes Henry to blame for his violent behaviour which Henry sadly agrees with…

Season 2[]


Seth appears to be kind -- making coffee for his step-mother and buying excellent presents -- and a mediator. However, he can be violent at times.

Physical Appearance[]

Seth has brown, curly hair and is relatively tall.


Henry Tanaka[]

Henry and Seth are step-brothers. Henry resents that Seth calls his mother "mom" and wonders if his mom only lets Seth call him that out of pity. When Henry tells Seth this, Seth tries to drown him in the ocean, only letting go when Henry claws at him enough to leave welts. Seth excuses this saying that he wasn't trying to kill him, he just wanted to make Henry realize how badly he wants to live.

Rafael Garcia[]

Seth easily befriends Raf, being the only person to try to do so and insisting that everyone call him "Raf," not Rafe or any other pronunciation. Seth helps Raf get the fire ants off of him when he is swarmed by them and tells him that he would fit in better with the group if he interacted more so they could 'put him on the map' and pin him down into a certain archetype. He also makes sure that Raf gets the credit for finding the observation bunker and its supplies.

Josh Herbert[]


Julia was Seth's girlfriend.


Season Two