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Day Twenty-Three

Day Twenty-Three

Quinns first appearance.

Quinn Miller is one of the recurring characters in The Wilds. He is portrayed by Johnny Berchtold.

He was a quiet, introvert who wore a french naval peacoat even in hot temperatures, as a way to comfort himself. He described himself as a nimbostratus cloud because, "he tended to lay low, could get dark, and precipitated a lot." Nora is shown to later be reading a book on clouds, possibly given to her by him.



Not much is known of his backstory. He is shown to be extremely intelligent and kind hearted. He exhibited traits of Autism, such as his lack of eye contact, and bluntness at times. He was perceived as ‘too weird’ by Rachel. His death occurred before the plane crash.

Throughout the Series[]

Season 1[]

He was killed in a fraternity hazing ritual. His cause of death is unknown. Three juniors from the school were involved in the murder. The fraternity he was joining was due to his father and a sense of tradition he felt he had to carry.


Physical Appearance[]


  • Nora Reid - He and Nora became close friends during their time at a university during it's summer sessions. They closely connected over shared awkwardness and nerdiness. They developed feelings for each other, but it ended due to Rachel’s disapproval and influence over her sister. Nora was heartbroken at the discovery of what happened to him, after looking at his social media and noticing the comments.


Season One