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Maryann Rilke is one of the recurring characters in The Wilds. She is portrayed by Tandi Wright.

Throughout the Series[]

Season 1[]

Day One[]

Maryann sits in the passenger seat of the car as her husband Kurt drives to the airport. Maryann tries to encourage Leah to be excited about her trip to Hawaii and lists the conferences she can go to. Leah isn't very excited about it. They know that she's going through some sort of breakup but Kurt and Maryann are at a loss for how to help her. It was Maryann's idea for Leah to go on the retreat.

Day Six[]

Maryann and Kurt have a video call with Gretchen inquiring about Leah. Gretchen lies to them about how Leah is doing. They express concern because Ian reached out to them wondering about Leah.

Day Twelve[]

Kurt and Maryann visit Leah in the hospital after she is hit by a car. Maryann tells the doctor that Leah has been acting differently recently and he suggests something that he believes can help, which is likely the Dawn of Eve program.


Season One


  • Maryann: Private plane, honey, direct to the big island. If that doesn't boost you out of your funk, I don't know what will.
    • Leah: Please don't refer to my emotional devastation as a funk. [1]