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Linh Bach is one of the recurring characters in The Wilds. She goes by the alias "Jeanette Dao" when she meets the Unsinkable 8. She is portrayed by Chi Nguyen.

Throughout the Series[]

Season 1[]


Born on Valentine's Day, Jeanette is a fun-loving optimist, with a passion for pop culture. Her sunny facade might leave others wondering if there's more to her past than she shares [1].



Leah hauls Jeanette back to shore after they wake up in the ocean near the plane wreckage. When they bury her, Leah begins to sing "Raise Your Glass" by P!NK because she knows that Jeanette liked her. The other girls eventually sing along as they bury Jeanette in a shallow grave.


Gretchen first meets Linh when overlooking a study on conformity. Gretchen is impressed by Bach's passion despite the fact she technically ruined the study.

Gretchen then recruits Linh to be a 'confederate' for The Dawn of Eve experiment after meeting her in a bar and recalling their first meeting. They then work to form her alias Jeanette Dao and prepare her to act as one of the group.


Alex was the last to interact with Linh before they began the experiment, witnessing her injury and attempting to report it. Because of this, Alex is the most impacted, apart from Gretchen, by Linh's unexpected death.


Season One



  • Jeanette: The other day I was going through my Spotify history and guess who I listen to the most. P!nk.
  • Linh: Americans like to drink when they're miserable, don't they? That's a big difference between here and Australia.
    • Gretchen: When do Australians like to drink?
    • Linh: All the fucking time.
  • Linh: Cats are a thinking person's pet. [2]


  • Jeanette's social handle is "PugBaby$anFran" and she is the only child of Yen and Minh Dao, who own a restaurant in Bayview. She was born on Valentine's Day in 2003. She's into In-N-Out Burgers, mango tango bubble tea, Disneyland, and Timothee Chalamet. She's also into The Following, Sanrio, her Hydroflask, The Office, Greta Thunberg, and her two dogs, Coco and Jax. [2]
  • Gretchen let Linh borrow her dogs for the photos of Linh with Coco and Jax.
  • Linh suggests the name "Evangeline" for her alter ego, but settles on Jeanette.