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Jeffrey Galanis is one of the recurring characters in The Wilds. He is portrayed by Carter Hudson. Actor, sexy Character, creepy (groomer)

Throughout the Series[]

Season 1[]

Day One

Galanis is an alumni of the East Bay Academy of Art, where Leah now attends school. Leah was assigned to read his third published book, "The Nature of Her," for her Contemporary American Literature class. After he gives a talk on his book at the school, Leah offers to drive him to his hotel room when her teacher Mrs. Wolfe and Ian cannot do it themselves. Leah asks him if he wants to get food instead of heading straight back to the hotel, so they go out for tacos and mango Jarritos. Leah gives him her number. They begin texting and he tells Leah that he thinks about kissing her, despite Leah clearly being in high school and Jeffrey being in his 30s. Leah tells him that she turns 18 soon. She goes to his hotel room, and they have sex.

Day Twelve

Someone sends Jeffrey a copy of Leah's birth certificate. Jeffrey is angry with Leah because she lied to him about her age, and he doesn't want anyone to know that he slept with a minor, making him a statutory rapist.


Leah Rilke[]

Jeffrey pursues a relationship with Leah despite her clearly still being in high school, making him a predator.

June 2nd: Jeff texts Leah, "Hi." This is his first text to her.

July 10th: Jeff texts Leah, "Don't contact me again. Goodbye."

Ian Murnen[]

Ian doesn't like Jeffrey because of how their relationship has affected his best friend Leah. It is unknown if Jeffrey has met Ian.

Fatin Jadmani[]

Jeffrey has never met Fatin. Fatin thinks that he's a creep who has a fetish for underage girls.

Maryann Rilke[]

Maryann is Jeffrey's ex-girlfriend (Leah)'s mother. She doesn't know about Jeffrey pursuing her underage daughter.

Kurt Rilke[]

Kurt is Jeffrey's ex-girlfriend (Leah)'s father. He doesn't know about Jeffrey pursuing his underage daughter.


Season One


  • "The Nature of Her" is the third novel by East Bay alum Jeffrey Galanis. It's the first of his books to feature a woman as the main character. [1]
  • Jeff used a quarter to scratch off an instant lotto ticket that they bought together. She's been carrying the quarter with her ever since. [2]
  • His phone number is [(917) 555-0168]. This is a New York City area code encompassing the Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, Manhattan, and Brooklyn.



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