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Henry Tanaka is a main character in The Wilds. He is portrayed by Aidan Laprete.

He is the opposite of his personable step-brother Seth, Henry is an emo reclusive type who prefers to retreat into the safety of his noise-canceling headphones and dwell on the darkness in the world.



Throughout the Series[]

Season 2[]

Day 36 / 14[]

Henry talks about how they are doomed when the predator visits their camp during the night. Henry's step-brother Seth becomes angry after Henry antagonizes him about how his biological mother didn't want him. Henry admits that he wonders if his mom likes that Seth calls her "mom" or if she just lets him out of pity. Seth attempts to drown Henry in the ocean, and Henry claws at him, leaving welts. Seth realizes what he's doing and releases Henry, excusing it saying that he wanted to make him realize how badly he wants to live.


Physical Appearance[]

Henry has long dark hair and a thin frame. He wears rings and has black painted nails.


Seth Novak[]

Seth is Tanaka's stepbrother. They do not get along very well.


Season Two




  • Henry's girlfriend painted his nails black.
  • His mother married Seth's dad.
  • He has a notebook that he draws in.
  • He has 96 merit badges from being in the Boy Scouts. He quit Boy Scouts in ninth grade.