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Fatin Jadmani is a main character in the first and second seasons of The Wilds. She is portrayed by Sophia Ali and debuted in Day One.

She is a proudly promiscuous girl with an audacious fashion sense, as well as an accomplished cellist. When she doesn’t pull her weight on the island, the others mistake her for a good-for-nothing slacker. But if they knew her past, they’d realize nothing could be further from the truth [1].

Early Life[]

Fatin has spent years honing her skills on the cello. She lives with her parents and her little brothers in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her mother is a prominent real estate agent and thus they live an extravagant lifestyle.

Throughout the Series[]

Before the island Fatin had grown sick of playing cello all the time and not doing things the other kids at school are. She pushes to get her curfew later and uses the time to hook up with guys. When Fatin discovers that her father has been cheating on her mother with multiple women -- possibly as many as fifteen -- she sends an encrypted dick pic of her father's to all of his contacts. This causes great shame for her Muslim family and now they can't show their faces at the mosque and her mother begins to lose real estate jobs. Her father tells her that after Fatin goes on the retreat, she will be sent to a strict Muslim boarding school in Oregon, much to her dismay. Fatin gets her nails done before the trip, something she was not able to do before because of her instrument, and says goodbye to her younger brother.

On the island Fatin is reluctant to participate in efforts to help the group survive, though she does give all her clothes to the girls. On day six after being particularly unhelpful when they were trying to build a shelter, Dot, Rachel and Leah blow up at her, and she and Leah end up fighting. That night Fatin takes two of the cans of water and disappears. The girls initially are pissed at her and use her clothes to do impersonations, making fun of her. However, Toni finds a bloody patch of her trousers in the forest and they grow concerned, setting out to find her. Fatin is eventually found safe, and it turns out she was looking for something useful to make up for her previous inaction, resulting in her finding a fresh water source for them.


Fatin is promiscuous and confident in her sexuality. She has a lot of casual sex and is unashamed of the fact. Fatin values comfort, and is unafraid to tell it like it is. She often makes sarcastic, witty remarks. She also has a silly side -- as evidenced with her frequent use of random objects as fake microphones. Fatin avoids relationships with other girls back home, but comes to appreciate her newfound friends on the island and has, on multiple occasions, expressed concern for them. She is also quite perceptive when it comes to relationships and reading people. She is fiercely loyal to the people she cares about and would do anything for them, even if it is not always the right thing.

Gretchen says that when Fatin is cornered or hurt, she disappears. She later says that she doesn't disappear and appears worried that Fatin has strayed from the group.

Physical Appearance[]

Fatin has a tall, slim build, dark skin and long black hair. She is almost always seen wearing fashionable clothing that shows off her figure. When she's told she's a "girly girl" she doesn't mind and sees it as a compliment. According to Dot, she has calloused fingers, due to the fact that she is an extremely talented cellist.


Leah Rilke[]

Prior to the plane crash and landing on the island, Leah wasn't very fond of Fatin as she thought she was stuck-up, rich, and shallow like everyone else at the school, though she did spend a month thinking about their single interaction in a bathroom, when Fatin asked to borrow a tampon. Once on the island, Fatin and Leah originally appear to bond on the first night about their past sexual exploits. However, after Fatin reads the annotated copy of Jeffrey's book while Leah is at the plane wreckage the two's relationship becomes more strained. Fatin makes several comments about Leah and Jeffreys' relationship, due to her blunt personality and defensive nature. Leah makes several remarks about how she is lazy and slacks off whilst the rest of them work to survive. Leah pushes Fatin, which causes her leg to bleed; Fatin wipes the blood off of her leg and runs her bloody hands down Leah's face, telling her not to touch her again. Eventually, after Fatin disappears for a day, Leah becomes increasingly worried about her. Once the girls find Fatin unharmed and with water, the two set aside their differences, apologise and embrace in a hug, becoming friends. When Leah breaks down on day 22, Fatin is the one to comfort her and eventually calm her down. The others had wanted to drug Leah but Fatin convinced her to take the pill of her own accord, and held her while they both cried for their mothers.

During Fatin's questioning at the facility, she tells them that she believes Leah's interesting theories about the island.

In season 2, Fatin is concerned about Leah's ever growing obsession surrounding the island and Nora, but when Leah sets Rachel off with her questions Fatin confronts her and even threatens to kill her. She claims to be done with Leah but it quickly becomes obvious that she just can’t hate her, and rather was scared to lose Leah after her attempt to od. Throughout the season, Fatin becomes more and more inclined to believe that what Leah is claiming about the island is true. This culminates in a moment where Shelby, talking about her girlfriend, says that she’s trying to get them off the island for her and that she never won’t love her, and Fatin responds with “Ditto, bitch. Different her. Same sort of idea.”, confirming her romantic feelings towards Leah, as well as once again declaring protection over her.

Later on, after Leah comes back from an odd solo adventure that she doesn’t want to talk about, Fatin doesn’t push her and instead offers her a seat next to her, gently dries her hair with her jacket and states that Leah is “the strongest fucking person” she’s ever met. Leah responds by leaning in and resting her head on Fatin’s chest.

Dot Campbell[]

Fatin and Dot first meet on the plane when they are paired up by Shelby, so that they can all get to know each other a little better. Dot says that she has a couple of questions regarding Fatin's shirt, and Fatin says "Well I have a couple questions about your cargo pants". Dot tells her that she isn't a lesbian, she just likes storage. Once on the island, Dot does get a bit frustrated with Fatin's slacking off, but she defends her to Leah pointing out that her hands are "calloused as fuck. Whatever that girl was doing before she got here, she wasn't half-assing it." She admires and praises the Fatin's "hustle" when she found water and marked a path so that they could find it again. While under the influence and under the impression that they'll be going home soon, Fatin says that she'll miss all of the girls and they're all welcome to stay at her place in California where all the influencers live. Dot says she doesn't know what any of that means but she'll be her roommate if she'll allow it. Fatin jokes and says, "People will assume we're lovers because face it, those cargo pants scream gay, but they're gonna talk... and I'm gonna like it". They start to make kissy gestures towards each other afterwards and joke around. It seems that now, they're very close friends and might live together if they ever go home.

Fatin and Dot are each other's first real best friend, both having lived very different but still isolated lives before the island.

Martha Blackburn[]

At the beginning of the series Martha appears to look up to Fatin, as someone who has a lot of experience with sex, while she is very withdrawn from that side of life. Fatin promises Martha that when they get off the island she will have boys flooding her dms. When Martha kills the goat, Fatin comments that she is attracted to her like cave-women must have been when their men came home with meat.

In Season 2, Fatin makes an ill-placed joke about sacrificing a virgin to appease the gods, to Martha, who reacts poorly due to her past. Fatin realises her mistake and comforts her, also offering advice to Martha on how she could explore the idea that there is a lighter side to sex than what she has experienced.

Samad Jadmani[]

Fatin seems to have a better relationship with her father than with her mother. That is, until she realizes that her dad has been sexting and sleeping with multiple other women. She plans to send one of his dick pics to his entire contact list, after encrypting the photo so no one will know it was her. Samad calls her a danger to their family and tells her that after the retreat, she will be sent to a strict Muslim boarding school in Oregon.


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Fatin: "I don't even get feminism. I get called a 'girly girl' like it's a bad thing?"
-- in Day One
Fatin (to Leah): "At least your first time guy's face is on the back of a book. My first time was with a fucking grocery bagger at Smart & Final. God, I loved him. I loved him!"
-- in Day Two
Fatin: "I've been swimming with dolphins like four times, and their tiny teeth are horrifying."
-- in Day Two
Fatin (to Dot): "Are you from one of those creepy doomsday families and have a basement full of canned soup?"
-- in Day Three
Toni: "Martha's getting taken for a ride. All Shelby wants to do is hang out with her long enough to put "saved a little res girl" on her college apps. So yeah, I'm not out here being petty. I'm just trying to protect my best friend."
Fatin: "Are you an Aries?"
Toni: "What? Who the fuck cares!? God!"
Fatin: "Some people provide goods, some provide services. I'm a goods provider, therefore, I get a pass on the services."
-- in Day Seven
Fatin: "All of this rehearsing is killing me. I'm 17 and I'm already damaged goods."
-- in Day Seven
Dot: "If you're looking for a roommate... I might be interested."
Fatin: "Dorothy, are you offering to be my live-in muscle?"
Dot: "Yes. Obviously, yes."
Toni: "It's not our uniform, you know. We've all got our own different swag."
Fatin: "People are gonna assume we're lovers, because let's face it, those cargo shorts still screams "gay." I'm just saying, people are gonna talk and I'm gonna like it."
Dot: "The smartest thing is to just do nothing."
Fatin: "So basically I'm a role model now."
-- in Day Twenty-Two
Fatin (to Martha): "This must be what cave women felt like when their men came home with meat. Like I am legit hot for you right now."
-- in Day Twenty-Two
Fatin: "The definition of insanity is waking up every morning to make your bed, knowing that you're just gonna mess it up again at night. Raise your hand if you have wasted years of your life on the domestic fucking hamster wheel that is bed-making."
-- Day 36 / 14
Fatin: "Guess what bitches. Ice the booze and get horny. It's Dorothy's motherfucking birthday."
-- in Day 42 / 15
Fatin (to Leah): "Just dream bigger, or better, or different"
-- Day 45 / 16
Shelby (talking about Toni): "It's for her, because I never won't love her. Never"
Fatin: "Ditto bitch. Different her. Same sort of idea"
-- Exodus

Notes & Trivia[]

  • Her parents bought her a thousand dollar, waterproof suitcase for the trip, which washed up near the shore. Though the suitcase was largely filled with a makeup caboodle, it was able to provide the girls with extra clothing.
  • Despite being on a trip to an all-girl's retreat, Fatin packed 37 condoms and lube in her suitcase.
  • Despite her family being Muslim, Fatin is seen wearing a necklace with a cross on it.
  • Fatin appears to have a rose tattoo on her ribcage in Day One while she is wearing the wrestling uniform. However, this tattoo is not seen in the flashbacks in Day Seven when she is wearing her pink swimsuit or visible while she is wearing the blue swimsuit in Day Six.
  • Her curfew is 11:30pm.
  • Fatin is Dot's first ever best friend.
  • The Wilds Instagram account confirmed Fatin is a Leo on 12/23/21 and 1/19/22.