Dorothy Jane Campbell is a main character in the first and second season of The Wilds. She is portrayed by Shannon Berry and debuted in Day One.

She is a tough Texan girl who doesn’t suffer fools. She’s had to shoulder a lot of adult responsibilities in her young life, which gives her an air of dependability on the island. She watches a lot of survival movies or shows, making her very useful on the island. She’s the first person the other girls look to when something needs to get done.

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Before the events of the show, she sold drugs and cared for her father. She sold oxycodone in high school as her father did not like oxy's. She and her father both share a love for survival TV reality shows like Survivor, Naked and Afraid, Alone, Man Vs Wild, and many more. This has shown to help them throughout the show. Dot had talked about how being invisible has helped her sell drugs to high schoolers. She has sold drugs to Andrew, who was then Shelby's boyfriend whom Dot caught cheating on Shelby at least once but did not say anything. Dot and her father have a very close relationship as her mother isn't around.

Throughout the Series[edit | edit source]

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Personality[edit | edit source]

Dot is tough, grounded, reliable, and realistic, largely because of her home life. In flashbacks, we see that her father is terminally ill and so she takes on the huge responsibility of caring for him, along with Matteo. Due to this, Dot is rather salt-of-the-earth, the everyman, the caretaker. She watches many survival shows, which has given her knowledge on how to survive. She is very diligent in immediately applying this and doing what needs to be done: however, some of the girls initially did not take her seriously because they believed they would be rescued within a week. Dot even goes through everything that washed up ashore so that she could have a list of their supplies, and does seem to have some knowledge of medicine, likely due to her experience with her dad's illness. Interestingly enough, despite being the "survivalist" of the group, she is the only one on the island who does not know how to do CPR.

Dot can be very off putting with the girls as she did not hang out with a lot of people before the crash. Her slightly antisocial nature is due to her selling drugs and supporting her father: she remarks that she simply didn't have time for a social life.

Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

Dot has short, shoulder-length brown hair, and hazel eyes.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Tim Campbell[edit | edit source]

Dot had to care for her father as he was dying. The two were extremely close and he gave her her love of music. Dot assisted in his suicide when he was ready to die, giving him more medicine than he should have taken.

Shelby Goodkind[edit | edit source]

The two are from the same school and town. They don't have much of a history before the plane crash. They played soccer when they were younger. Shelby mentions that she loved Dot's father as a coach. Every time they would play he would run onto the field and play the air guitar. They also at one point shared a class together. Otherwise the two barely crossed paths. The only connection they had was Andrew, Shelby's boyfriend, and Shelby did not know about the connection. Dot has sold drugs to Andrew many times.

Throughout the series the two grow close, especially on Day Three. The two go off to find shelter as no one wants to build a shelter. Shelby tries to talk to Dot and build a connection at first but it did not go well. Dot says that this isn't The Breakfast Club where they were all going to get along because they have to. The two find a small cave and Shelby goes to check it out. She decided to pull a prank on Dot by pretending to be grabbed by something. This ends up backfiring on her. Dot gets really mad stating it wasn't funny. Suddenly Shelby starts to choke a little and ends up spitting out her retainer. Shelby ends up running off in embarrassment. Dot goes off on her own. While laying on the beach, Dot suddenly heard Shelby screaming in fear. Dot finds Shelby huddled by a tree trunk with a rattlesnake just mere feet away. Dot killed the snake, likely saving Shelby's life. The two bond after realizing that they both felt very alone.

Fatin Jadmani[edit | edit source]

Though they may be seen as opposites, the pair grows closer throughout the series. Dot praises Fatin when she finds the waterfall and tells her that she's never been prouder. Dot also notices Fatin's calloused fingers and thinks that Fatin runs deeper than the facade she puts on. Dot says that she might be interested in moving to Los Angeles with Fatin and she seems into it.

Mateo[edit | edit source]

Mateo is her father's nurse/caregiver. He has a crush on her and she kisses him. She told the girls that as soon as she gets home, she's going to have sex with him.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Season One
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Day FifteenAppears
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Quotes[edit | edit source]

Dot (to Fatin): "I'm not a lesbian. Sorry to disappoint. I just like storage."
-- in Day One
Dot (after putting on Fatin's More issues than Vogue sweater): "This is my rock bottom."
-- in Day One
Shelby: "This one time, we were on a mission trip to Mexico, and we were watching the sunset together. And because the light was just right, the sun made this beautiful green flash just before it sunk below the horizon. And I was like…”Isn’t that just the purest thing you ever saw?” You ever seen that? Green flash at sunset?"
Dot: "Oh, um, no. I haven’t had a whole lot of time for sunsets and shit."
-- in Day Three
Dot: "Well, if we want to win those Takis, then we gotta focus. What we’re gonna do comes straight out of Daniel T’s playbook. Second runner-up, Alone in the Outback, season 8."
-- in Day Six
Dot: "You know what? I don't know. I always thought Fatin ran a bit deeper than the whole princess shtick. Ever see her hands? Dude, calloused as fuck. Whatever that girl was doing before she got here, she wasn't half-assing it."
-- in Day Seven
Dot: "If you're looking for a roommate... I might be interested."
Fatin: "Dorothy, are you offering to be my live-in muscle?"
Dot: "Yes. Obviously, yes."
Toni: "It's not our uniform, you know. We've all got our own different swag."
Fatin: "People are gonna assume we're lovers, because let's face it, those cargo shorts still screams "gay." I'm just saying, people are gonna talk and I'm gonna like it."
-- in Day Fifteen

Notes & Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Despite her being a survivalist, she is the only one on the island who doesn't know CPR.
  • Dot loves free stuff. One of her all-time favorite childhood memories is going to the bank drive-thru with her dad to deposit his VA checks and waving at the tellers through the window so they'd send her a miniature Baby Ruth bar back through the pneumatic tube.
  • She inherited her love for hard rock from her father, a real metalhead. One night when she was 11, Dot stayed dup late rocking out to a compilation her dad had made especially for her. The next morning, she had her first "bangover".
    • A bangover is the metalhead slang for the headache you get after a night of serious headbanging.
  • Dot's on a budget, so when it comes to hair dye, it's DIY all the way. Lately she's been using washable markers, which she steals from the art room at school. It's a messy process but they get the job done.
  • Dot is the only one of the girls not on social media - though Leah only posts Stories.
  • Dot watched "Field of Dreams" in middle-school gym class. Her PE teacher was one of those lazy dudes who'd put on a vaguely "sports-themed" movie whenever he didn't want to teach.

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