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Day Two is the second episode of Season 1 of The Wilds, and the second episode overall.


The castaways are still reeling after a tragic event. Frustrated by everyone else's inaction, Rachel leads an expedition to the island's summit to get a lay of the land. We learn more about her career as an elite athlete, the extreme measures she's taken to succeed, and the brutal truth that she isn't sharing with the others.


Dot wakes Fatin, much to her annoyance, likely worried that she had died too. Fatin pulls the strings of her hoodie tight and tries to go back to sleep. Dot goes through Fatin's suitcase and makes note of everything they have to work with.

Leah reveals Jeanette's second phone to the group, but not that she called Jeffrey. They are angry with her for not waking the rest of them up when she heard the ringing.

Fatin has vowed not to poop on the island.

Shelby, Leah, and Rachel head to the island's summit hoping to be able to see something on the island that can help them. Dot gives Rachel a large mirror from Fatin's suitcase, which she should be able to use as a reflector to get someone's attention.

On the cliff, Rachel turns suddenly and the mirror goes flying out of the shirt she had wrapped it in. It is on the edge of the cliff, and Leah goes for it. Leah overextends and nearly falls off after the mirror. Shelby and Rachel struggle to pull her up, but with the arrival of Nora, who was secretly following them, they manage it.

Rachel cries as she finally reaches the summit and realizes that there's nothing else on the island.



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  • Leah: I’m not, like, a Stanford-bound, Wheaties-box, Olympic-level diver, but I do go after things. If they’re risky, impossible, stupid, or like an absolute recipe for disaster, I’ll… I’ll go after it for sure.
  • Dot: Step one in a scenario like this is to know what the hell you're working with.
  • Fatin: I've been swimming with dolphins like four times, and their tiny teeth are horrifying.
  • Fatin, to Dot: Are you from one of those creepy doomsday families and have a basement full of canned soup?
  • Rachel: Is there nothing waiting for you? Do you not have a world that want you back?
  • Shelby: We are working with very different thresholds here.
    • Rachel: Wow, that's racist.
    • Shelby: What? No-- no I only meant because-- Because you're like, a world class athlete.
    • Rachel: Chill, I'm kidding.
  • Fatin: I guess it fucked me up, you know, the whole almost dying thing? Let's just say I've had a shitty few years.


  • Field Note #010: "Twin Days" is an annual festival held in Twinsburg, OH. Recorded as the "Largest Gathering of Twins in the World" by the Guinness Book of World Records, Twin Days is open to identical and fraternal twins, triplets and quadruplets, and even people who have lost their twins. Nora has been trying for years to get Rachel to go.
  • Field Note #011: It's the spring of 2012 in this memory. Rachel and Nora are nine years old, and Rachel hasn't gotten into diving yet. But four months from this moment, she'll be watching professional diving on Tv and she'll see a young Black diver perform an incredible dive off the 3-meter springboard. It will take Rachel's breath away, and she'll immediately ask her mother to sign her up for lessons. And thus, a dream was born.
  • Field Note #012: Pugs, as a breed, have often been popular among powerful women: Josephine Bonaparte used her pug to send secret notes to her family from prison, while Queen Victoria bred them by the dozens.
  • Field Note #013: Competitive divers do a lot of "dryland training," meaning conditioning exercises that don't involve getting in the water at all, often using a trampoline. The trampoline allows the diver to train while avoiding much of the wear and tear that repeatedly hitting the water puts on the body.
  • Field Note #014: This is the second time we've seen Nora with a book in hand. The first was "The Audubon Guide"; now it's Arthur Miller's "Death of a Salesman," a classic American play that explores the theme of ambition and the perils people encounter when pursuing traditional definitions of success.
  • Field Note #015: Rachel is diving from a 10-meter platform here. Judges score diving based on elements like height at the apex of the dive, pointed toes with feet together throughout, size of the splash upon entry, and proximity to the platform, which should be within two feet, but not dangerously close.
  • Field Note #016: Nora fell in love with Paris when she saw it in a movie in the 5th grade.
  • Field Note #017: In 8th grade, Leah convinced her parents to sign her up for a weekend surf clinic in Half Moon Bay. She wasn't interested in surfing-- she just wanted to seem more appealing to her middle-school crush, Brandon P., a surfer boy who loved acoustic guitar and frequently brought his board to school. Leah retained only two pieces of information that weekend: (a) that waves breaking sideways signal riptide conditions, and (b) that in surfer slang, "men in gray suits" means sharks.
  • Field Note #018: The famous children's book "Everyone Poops" doesn't feature any women pooping. Women are more likely than men to be ashamed to defecate in public or at work, and they also suffer higher rates of bowel issues. Holding in bowel movements can lead to exactly the kind of digestive upset you really don't want to be dealing with on a remote island.
  • Field Note #019: La Croix is pronounced "La-CROY."
  • Field Note #020: Diving is an "aesthetic sport," or a sport in which a judge makes a subjective evaluation of an athlete's performance. Other examples of aesthetic sports include gymnastics, figure skating, cheerleading, and dance.
  • Field Note #021: Dot loves free stuff. One of her all-time favorite childhood memories is going to the bank drive-thru with her dad to deposit his VA checks and waving at the tellers through the window so they'd send her a miniature Baby Ruth bar back through the pneumatic tube.
  • Field Note #022: The shammy is a quick-drying towel divers use to dry off their hands and legs between dives. Like lots of athletes, divers tend to be superstitious. Anecdotally, many of them have a "lucky shammy" that they take to all their competitions.
  • Field Note #023: "Juicy" by Biggie is Toni and Martha's song. Neither of them can remember why anymore. It just is.
  • Field Note #024: There are multiple tiers of licenses for pilots, ranging from "student pilot" all the way up through "multi-engine commercial pilot" and beyond. This appears to be a "private pilot" license, one of the easier to obtain. Technically, to be paid for the transport of persons in an aircraft, a pilot must have a commercial license.