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Day Three is the third episode of Season 1 of The Wilds, and the third episode overall.


Leah, Rachel, and Nora swim out to the plane wreckage and return with a crucial find. Fellow Texans Dot and Shelby search for a cave that might provide better shelter, but their contentious relationship makes matters difficult. Flashbacks reveal heart-wrenching secrets about Dot's home life.


Dot dances through the facility before her interview with Young and Faber. Her ice cream falls onto Young's shoe and she apologizes to him.

Rachel attempts to inflate some sort of life raft, handing it over to Leah when she has little success. Leah attempts to back out and Rachel gets her to go with. Nora volunteers to join them. When the three finally make it to the site of the plane crash, Nora is too tired to dive. Rachel and Leah dive down and find the plane's black box. The black box is stuck so they have to dive multiple times to get it out. Leah says she can't do it anymore, but Rachel convinces her that she can. The girls return to shore with a few cans of soda and the black box.

Flashbacks reveal that since Dot's dad didn't like taking the oxytocin that was prescribed to him, Dot used to sell it at her high school to help with his medical bills. Her dad's nurse, Mateo, seems to have a crush on her.

While Leah is at the wreck, Fatin reads the annotated book that Jeffrey gave to Leah.

Shelby and Dot look for a cave to move into.

Shelby comments that she hopes that the media doesn't use their yearbook photos because she doesn't think hers are flattering. She notes that they would have to use Dot's photo from freshman year because she hasn't been pictured for the last two years.

Dot hears Shelby screaming and runs after her. Shelby is crouched by a tree and there is a rattlesnake next to her. Dot hits the rattlesnake repeatedly with a stick until it is dead. Angry, Dot keeps beating the snake until it is a bloody mess.

Dot tells Faber and Young about how in high school she didn't have friends and sold drugs. She sold drugs to Shelby's boyfriend Andrew, and even caught him cheating on her, but doesn't say anything.

Rachel triumphantly returns to shore with the black box in hand. Nora and Leah look a little worse for wear.

Gretchen and Leonard are talking about the Dawn of Eve project over drinks. Gretchen is pleased that they have reached Milestone Eight a full two weeks before her projections. Leonard asks her if she has started to play favorites, and Gretchen gives him a description of Leah. Leonard asks if she's already raising suspicions, and Gretchen says that she is, but he knows what Milestone Eight entails, and she is sure it will kill any doubts. A former colleague of Gretchen's, Lauren Sobel, approaches their table, saying that the faculty is still rooting for her. Lauren had cast the tie-breaking vote that got Gretchen fired from her job as a professor the previous fall.

The girls vote to decide if they should open the black box or not, with Rachel vehemently against it. Dot decides that the bulb has gone out inside the box and wants to open it. Shelby reminds them that they shouldn't put all of that responsibility on just one person. They play the recording of the plane crash, hearing the voice of the pilot narrate the mayday call. They realize that they all should have died that day.

In a flashback, Dot assists her father in medical suicide.

Dot watches the sun set from the mouth of the cave. She cries as she sees the green flash, just like Shelby said.

In another flashback, Dot is considering a proposal from Gretchen. She has offered to pay Dot to go on a retreat, and to keep Child Protective Services off of her back until she turns 18. Dot wants to know what the catch is. Nothing in this world is free. Gretchen asks her if maybe she's already paid and that this is the universe rewarding her for giving back so much. Dot tells her that that isn't how the world works. Dot asks her again what she wants from her. Gretchen smiles and leans back in her chair.



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  • Leah: My mom once told me the three most stressful things in life are divorce, the death of someone close to you, and moving. We’re stranded in a wasteland. There’s been a death. And we’re moving.
    • Fatin: If someone gets a divorce up in this piece, we should 100% throw ourselves in the ocean.
  • Martha: What about something more basic, like… how do I even get a guy to like me?
  • Rachel: Fucking typical.
    • Leah: Okay, I feel like you can't say 'typical' about someone that you've known for a day in like a really atypical situation.
  • Dot: Now, if you run in a pack of one, people make all sorts of assumptions about you. They think deep down it bums you out, that you’d give anything to fit in, but maybe the truth is… I just didn’t have time for that shit.
  • Shelby: This one time, we were on a mission trip to Mexico, and we were watching the sunset together. And because the light was just right, the sun made this beautiful green flash just before it sunk below the horizon. And I was like…”Isn’t that just the purest thing you ever saw?” You ever seen that? Green flash at sunset?
    • Dot: Oh, um, no. I haven’t had a whole lot of time for sunsets and shit.
  • Dot: If we all you know pitch in grab the materials-- Yes lady in the leopard?
    • Fatin: That sounds really unappealing and I'm exhausted and there's rescue coming, so for those reasons, I'm out.
    • Dot: Just because you shot me down Shark Tank style doesn’t make me any less annoyed
  • Rachel: Are you ready to bring your "A" game?
    • Leah: I mean, I'm ready to bring a game. I have no idea what kind.
  • Shelby: Oh my god, something just flew in my mouth.
    • Dot: It's called fucking karma.
  • Dot: No offense, but you should probably lighten up about it. My fucking kingdom for a problem as big as some dentures.
    • Shelby: It’s not dentures, it’s just two of my—anyway. In my mind, it feels like—it feels like this super thin wall, holding back all of this… I don’t know. Ugliness.
  • Toni: Martha's getting taken for a ride. All Shelby wants to do is hang out with her long enough to put "saved a little res girl" on her college apps. So yeah, I'm not out here being petty. I'm just trying to protect my best friend.
    • Fatin: Are you an Aries?
    • Toni: What? Who the fuck cares!? God!
  • Leonard: So, have you started playing favorites?
    • Gretchen: Oh, come on, that's not praxis... Okay, there is one. She’s shrewd. She’s skeptical, almost to the point of paranoid. Even though I’m sure she’s gonna be a major pain in my ass, I am still drawn to her.
  • Leah: Besides, look at how big and loud the DO NOT OPEN is. Part of me feels like it’s telling us to do the opposite. Like it’s… being ironic
  • Fatin: See, this is why I don't get tight with girls. The drama, the jealousy, the petty revenge schemes. It's so cringey and small.