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Day Sixteen is the eighth episode of Season 1 of The Wilds, and the eighth episode overall.

Before the episode plays, a warning is shown. It says, "This episode deals with sensitive issues, including teen suicide. Viewer discretion is advised."


Assuming that rescue is imminent, the castaways let loose. The only girl who doesn't feel festive is Shelby, and a look into her past reveals why.


On Good Morning America, the girls are introduced as the "Unsinkable Eight" and are asked what they want to do next. The fantasy is ruined by Fatin being too explicit about her sexual desires for national television. The girls are annoyed with Leah's sad answer about reconnecting with Jeffery. Shelby doesn't seem excited and leaves the group.

Daniel has put on a suit for Shelby's interview, saying that they'll get more out of her if they use an authoritative tone. The girl has been going through some dissociative states and Young wonders if Faber has made the right call given that they don't know which personality they will be dealing with. Young comments that it's not easy for him to see the girls like this, and most of the time he just wants to give them all a hug. A girl on crutches enters the room. Shelby sits down with a smile and a shaved head.

At a spin class, Shelby's friend Becca shakes her sweaty hair at Shelby after Shelby calls her out of shape. The spin instructor, Shelby's dad, tells them to get off their seats and rattles off a verse from Corinthians.

Gretchen is told by Thom that the girls were spotted by a pilot. Thom doesn't trust Alex because he's disrespectful, but Gretchen wants him sent to the island in case they need to evacuate the girls before a real rescue team intervenes. Gretchen insists since Alex knows the terrain better than anyone. Gretchen readies herself to go to an important meeting where she will hopefully receive some more funding for her project. Gretchen meets with Alice, one of the people funding the Dawn of Eve experiment. Alice has had her chef prepare an eight course meal for the two of them as Gretchen discusses the project.

On the island, Dot hands out all of the rations. Major closeout sale, everything must go! Martha has unknowingly eaten three THC-infused gummy bears from Jeanette's bag. The rest of the girls, sans Shelby, partake as well. Shelby is seen holding her cross necklace and praying until she is interrupted by Dot, who left the group to take a piss. Dot advises her to join the fiesta before the rest of the girls start questioning her, leaving the bottle of vodka with her.

Shelby comes downstairs to see her dad, Dave, leading a group of men in prayer, seemingly praying for Kyle in particular. It seems Kyle is gay and doesn't want to be, and has recently come from what can be assumed to be a conversion camp in Plano, Texas. Dave comes into the kitchen singing "Saturday in the Park" by Chicago. He is upset that the kids are eating sugary cereal. Dave takes the full cereal bowl off the counter, places it into the cereal box, and throws the whole thing in the trash. Dave comments on how nice the weather is and tells the kids to go put on their ATV kits so they could go four-wheeling. Shelby asks if she can get dental implants, and her parents say no because it would be extremely painful and because God made her that way. God made you this way, and God only does beautiful.

On the island, Shelby contemplates breaking her dentures with the vodka bottle. Instead, she takes a swig and puts it back in her mouth. Martha asks the group where Marcus went and Nora tells her that she's right here, pointing to a spot on Martha's chest. Fatin comments that she's so blissed out by the idea that in 48 hours she can have an orgasm. Leah asks if she has self-induced. Fatin says that she can't do it with her hands. Dot says that they've all just assumed she's been masturbating with her electric toothbrush. Fatin asks the girls who has masturbated on the island, and Leah, Toni, Nora, and Dot raise their hands. Rachel asks them where they even go to do it. Shelby comes back to the group and asks them what they're talking about. Shelby tells them that she masturbates back home with the bath jets in her home Jacuzzi. I might be a virgin but I'm not just some prude. Love me an orgasm. Toni comments to Dot that Shelby's trashed, and Dot tells her that that's a little bit her fault. Fatin tells the girls that she's gonna miss them and if they're ever in LA they have a place to crash. She doesn't plan on going back to San Francisco. Dot tells her that if she's looking for a roommate, she's interested. Shelby becomes uncomfortable when Fatin remarks that people will think she and Dot are dating since they live together, so Shelby suggests a game. The girls run into the ocean and play a game of chicken. Rachel gets off of Dot's shoulders and someone notices that she has blood on her. Rachel admits that it's her blood and appears embarrassed. Uh oh, shark week for Rachel!

Shelby insists that she won't tell Faber and Young a single word until she can see her. Shelby does not specify which "her" she is talking about. Shelby is taken into Leah's room and they hug. Shelby slips a piece of paper down Leah's shirt. Later, Leah reads it in her bathroom. You were RIGHT.

Shelby goes bowling with Becca. Becca's stepbrother arrives at the bowling alley and she hides from him. Becca confides in Shelby that she used to have a crush on her stepbrother and he used to come into her room to kiss her. Becca admits that she gave him blow jobs and then he went off to college and never really spoke to her again. Shelby asks if that had anything to do with "her trip to the dark side." Becca says that it maybe did a little. Becca didn't tell her because Shelby has been so good about keeping her promise to God and she didn't want Shelby to judge her. Shelby reminds her that she was 13 and her stepbrother was 19 when this happened. He knew better and he took advantage of her. The girls leave the bowling alley, but not before getting revenge. Shelby spray paints "horny for xmas" on his car window, while Becca puts "fucking perv" on the hood, completing the image with two humping wooden reindeer decorations. Becca dumps a slushie into the gas tank.

Shelby is paranoid that Toni told Martha. Toni reassures her that she would never expose her like that. Shelby makes a comment about shame. Toni reminds her that the only one that's carrying any shame is Shelby.

Becca is sitting on Shelby's bedroom floor when Shelby shows her one of her pageant dresses and sings the song she plans to do for the talent section of her next pageant. Becca playfully tries to draw a mustache on her with Sharpie. Shelby takes the marker from her, but kisses her. Shelby's dad walks in right as they have separated, telling them that dinner's ready. Shelby is about to head downstairs when her dad reminds her that she's still wearing the dress, and tells her that she has to be more careful, as she has gotten marker on her dress.

Dave Goodkind talks to Becca's parents about Shelby and Becca's relationship. Becca had told her parents about the kiss thinking that Shelby had come clean to her dad about it. Shelby panics and blames the whole thing on Becca, even though Shelby initiated the kiss.

Shelby refuses to answer Becca's texts, so Becca comes to her house. Shelby sneaks outside to tell Becca that she was only ever nice to her because she felt sorry for her and other mean things to make Becca sad. Becca reminds Shelby that she was the one who kissed her. Shelby pushes her against the railing and tells her to shut up. Shelby says that Becca probably wanted her stepbrother to molest her and blames Becca for the abuse. She goes in the house after telling Becca that she never wants to talk to her again.


Shelby is getting ready to sing at the pageant when the other girls inform her that Becca has died. Becca apparently killed herself in her car. The ambulance came, but it was too late. Shelby sings "Day by Day" from Godspell, the song that Becca suggested she sing for the pageant and cries on stage as her family looks on.


  • Good Morning, America host Brooke: Ladies, you must have dreamed of coming home for so long. Now that you're here, what do you wanna do most?
    • Dot: Honestly, smoke about a hundred cigs, you know? Like really rip through a carton or two.
    • Toni: I don't know, maybe hit up the OG for a never-ending pasta bowl and just... I don't know... Get back to our real lives.
    • Nora: I'd like to read The Odyssey again, rather than, like, live it.
    • Leah: Oh um, I just wanna reconnect with certain people... People who may have been worried or felt like we had unfinished business. And if that person is watching right now, I just wanna say that I did not not miss you everyday.
    • Fatin: My turn, Brooke, and I've got a nice, straight answer for you. I'm going to fuck the rowdiest guy with the biggest dick as soon as I fucking can.
    • ?: I don't think you can say that on live TV.
    • Fatin: Okay, make it more media-friendly. (clears throat) I am going to fornicate with the healthiest penis I can find A.S.A.P.
  • Dean Young: Just so you know, it's no picnic. Most of the time, I just... just want to give them a goddamn hug.
  • Fatin, as quoted by Daniel: Shelby's a Pollyanna mall girl who probably shits confetti.
  • Shelby: Thank you.
    • Leah: Of course. Trainwrecks unite.
  • Leah: No, Martha, these… these aren’t candy. They’re edibles.
    • Martha: Well, I know they’re edible. I just ate them.
    • Leah: No, no… like THC.
    • Martha: So… what would happen if someone accidentally ate three?
    • Fatin: Oh, Martha. You’re gonna be tripping motherfucking balls dude.
  • Fatin: You know, I’m gonna deny this till the day I die but…I’m gonna miss the shit out of you guys.
  • Shelby: What I want is to know exactly what you and Martha were talking about.
    • Toni: Well, she's ripped out of her skull right now so food or maybe the cloud that she thought looked like her uncle.
  • Shelby: Hi there.



Guest Starring[]


  • Kristy Best as Telegenic Host
  • Jarred Blakiston as Alex
  • Doug Brooks as Becca's Dad
  • Niko Clare as Spencer Goodkind
  • Kylie Cushman as Becca's Mom
  • Sinead Fitzgerald as Redheaded Contestant
  • Michael Goldman as Pageant Host
  • Tama Jarman as Dimitri
  • Abigail Laurent as Bouncy Brunette
  • Gemma-Jayde Naidoo as Unfriendly Contestant
  • Roxanne Sarkari as Fresh-Faced Contestant
  • Joe Witkowski as Thom
  • Jessica Wotton as Melody Goodkind