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Day Seven is the fifth episode of Season 1 of The Wilds, and the fifth episode overall.


When one of the castaways goes missing, a search party heads out to find her. We learn more about Fatin's past, which isn’t exactly the glamorous thrill ride the others thought it was. At the end of their exhausting day, the girls make a shocking discovery that stokes Leah's doubts about the island.


Fatin plays the cello in a flashback. Gretchen attends a float spa and scratches at her neck, unable to calm down. Gretchen screams in the float tank.

When the girls wake up on the beach, they notice that two people from their group are missing. Fatin is nowhere to be found as the day progresses, so they decide to go looking for her. Nora is sent back to camp to maintain the fire. The fire goes out so she uses pages of her notebook to get it going again.

Fatin checks her dad's iPad and finds sexual texts and photos from several women. Disgusted, Fatin comes up with a plan to embarrass him.

Leah points out that stuff happening on the island is fishy again. Rachel and Dot separate from the other girls so that they can fan out and cover more ground while searching for Fatin. Rachel accidentally ends up in some quicksand. The other girls arrive to help. Martha kneels in front of Rachel and tells her that she has to stop fighting so that they can help her. Rachel finally gives up her all-important self-control and stops struggling, allowing the group to rescue her.

Soon after, they come across Fatin with a bottle of red nail polish in her hands. They start going off on her for being out giving herself a mani-pedi when they spent the entire day searching for her. Once they are finished yelling, Fatin shows them that she was using the polish to mark her path and leads them to the waterfall she found.

The girls celebrate and go swimming, happy to have finally found a source of water. Dot expresses her pride for Fatin.



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  • Fatin: All of this rehearsing is killing me. I'm 17 and I'm already damaged goods.
  • Leah: I'm not fucking crazy! ...I know screaming that did not help my case.
  • Martha, to Rachel in the quicksand: You have to stop, okay? Shh, stop fighting.
  • Dot: You know what? I don't know. I always thought Fatin ran a bit deeper than the whole princess shtick. Ever see her hands? Dude, calloused as fuck. Whatever that girl was doing before she got here, she wasn't half-assing it.