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Day 46/26 is the sixth episode of Season 2 of The Wilds, and the sixteenth episode overall.


After expelling an alleged criminal from camp, the boys clash over how much mercy to show. Ivan's past choices have impacted his life and those around him. Leah's mind is playing tricks on her, while Martha's past comes back to haunt her.


When Shelby says "I love you" to Toni for the first time, Toni panics, but Martha reminds her to find value in herself, giving her the confidence to tell Shelby she loves her too. Leah begins experiencing hallucinations of Ben Folds.

When Martha finds that her hunting snares have killed a mother rabbit with nursing babies, she has a nervous breakdown and kills the babies as well.

When the boys find that Seth has their only lighter, they track him down and take it back; Ivan and Raf are disturbed by the violence with which Seth is treated. After Raf takes pity on Seth and brings him fresh water and a sweater, Josh insists on exiling him from the camp as well; Ivan self-exiles to bring Raf and Seth a candle on a cold night.

Flashbacks show Ivan's campaign to get Kirin's lacrosse coach fired for wearing a blackface Halloween costume. When he found Kirin mourning the coach's career, Ivan baited him into a homophobic rant to get him expelled from school; Ivan's boyfriend left him in disgust, leaving a note saying "Be tender".

In flash forwards, Ivan refuses to explain the cause of the divisions among the boys.