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Day 45/16 is the fifth episode of Season 2 of The Wilds, and the fifteenth episode overall.


Rachel seeks necessary closure, while Fatin makes an unsettling discovery in Nora's journal. Meanwhile, an incident comes to light that sends shockwaves through the boys' camp, altering their life on the island forever.


Seth, who is Gretchen's second confederate on the island, records a message characterizing Josh as fragile and unstable. When the boys split up to search for fresh water, Seth destroys the hidden microphones on the beach. After Kirin and Josh discover a lake, Josh tells Kirin that he was assaulted by Seth.

When the group reconvenes on the beach, Kirin publicly accuses Seth. Only Raf believes Seth's claims of innocence; the others vote to banish Seth from the group. That night, Josh asks the group to promise never to reveal what happened to him.

Meanwhile, the girls hold a funeral for Nora. Fatin persuades Leah to try to let go of her suspicions of Nora, but Fatin herself finds hidden notes in Nora's belongings that incite her own suspicions. After the funeral, Rachel sits on the beach, mourning, while Nora, alive and well, watches her via the monitors at Gretchen's headquarters.

In flashforwards, Young berates Leah for not letting Raf finish his story, but gives her a hint that allows her to find a cell phone hidden in her room. Meanwhile, Gretchen and Faber interview Bo, Kirin, Henry, and Josh, but none of them reveal why Seth was exiled.