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Day 42/15 is the fourth episode of Season 2 of The Wilds, and the fourteenth episode overall.


The boys continue to battle against the dangerous predator, and this time they plan a coordinated attack. A birthday on the girls' island puts everyone but Rachel in celebratory spirits.


The girls throw a birthday party for Dot on the beach. When Rachel's grief for Nora resurges in the evening, Shelby commiserates with her and tells her how she used prayer to cope with her grief over Becca.

Meanwhile, Seth organizes the boys to kill the jaguar: they line the bunker with sharpened stakes, cover it with leaves, and leave a small dead animal on top as bait. After the jaguar falls into the trap, Kirin stabs it to death with a spear carved by Ivan.

At their victory party that evening, Kirin pantses Seth, and Seth storms away in embarrassment. Josh approaches him to sympathize, having been a bullying victim himself, but Seth shoos him away.

In flashforwards, Young and Faber promise to allow Leah to phone Jeffrey if she can get Raf to tell her what happened later that night. He tells her the events of the day, but before he can finish, she whispers, "They're listening"; and so Raf does not reveal that, later that night, Seth sexually assaulted Josh, furious at having had Josh's life compared to his own.