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Day 36/14 is the third episode of Season 2 of The Wilds, and the thirteenth episode overall.


A brush with death rattles the girls. The boys must defend against a blood-thirsty predator. In a series of flashbacks, we learn more about Scotty and Bo, and why it's hard for them to trust the other castaways.


At night, the boys hear a jaguar prowling around their camp. Hiding their food supply from the animal, Scotty persuades Bo to steal some jerky for themselves, concerned that the others may not be trustworthy.

The next night, as the boys camp on a narrow ledge, Ivan retaliates against Kirin's homophobic jokes by revealing to the others that Kirin has gonorrhea. Worried that the jaguar will be attracted to the smell of the stolen food, and feeling guilty about stealing from the group, Bo leaves the ledge to return it; he and Scotty narrowly escape the animal on their return.

Meanwhile, Toni is almost hit by a falling tree limb, and Martha confesses her fear of sex to Fatin. Flashbacks show Scotty and Bo were best friends in Florida, but Bo had to scrupulously hide any trace of their activities from his abusive and hyper-controlling parents. When one of Scotty's money-making schemes, buying some t-shirts to resell, accidentally led to Bo's father's lawnmower being flooded in a rainstorm, Bo was beaten for it. Later, the two of them vandalized a house that had been Scotty's childhood home.

Flashforwards show Scotty's interview with Young and Gretchen.