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Day 34/12 is the second episode of Season 2 of The Wilds, and the twelfth episode overall.


The girls struggle to adjust to their new camp, while food scarcity plagues the boys. Raf gains confidence thanks to a new friendship, but flashbacks reveal a dark side of his codependent nature. Leah makes an unexpected ally.


Food supplies are running low on the boys' island. Raf spills a jar of salsa and, embarrassed, flees to the woods. Seth joins him, and together they find an underground bunker stocked with food and beer. Seth gives Raf credit for the discovery, making him the hero of the day.

On the girls' island, Rachel and Leah reconcile and find a crate of party supplies in the sea, while Martha is irritated by Toni's attempts to make her and Shelby closer.

Flashbacks show Raf's life before the trip: he commuted from Tijuana to attend a private school in San Diego, where his girlfriend Marisol was the daughter of wealthy philanthropists. Raf skipped his own family obligations to attend a charity gala with Marisol's family, but en route he got into an altercation with another motorist, was jailed by Customs and Border Protection, and was bailed out the next day by Marisol's parents.

In flashforwards, Leah promises to help Raf escape and persuades him to confide in her. Afterward, she confronts Faber and offers to help get information from Raf if whoever is in charge will help her in return; Gretchen accepts her offer.