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Day 30/1 is the first episode of Season 2 of The Wilds, and the eleventh episode overall.


The stranded girls grieve one of their own. Meanwhile, we learn they're not the only ones ensnared in this social experiment-it turns out there's a male control group, marooned on a different island.


Rachel loses a hand to the shark attack, and Nora is swept out to sea trying to rescue her and presumed dead. As the girls move their camp inland, Rachel is stunned with grief. Unable to prove to the others that Nora knew they were stranded intentionally, Leah tries to get information about Nora from Rachel; Rachel lashes out at her, blaming herself for her sister's death. Eventually, Dot persuades Rachel to move inland with the others.

Meanwhile, a parallel experiment has begun with nine boys on an island: Raf, Josh, Scotty, Bo, Kirin, Ivan, Henry, Seth, and DJ. On their first day stranded, they split up to search the island, and reunite to find DJ dead, his body apparently mutilated by a wild animal. Unknown to them, DJ's death was faked; he is Gretchen's son Devon, who killed Nora's boyfriend Quinn.

In flashforwards, Raf tells Young and Faber that some of the stranded boys became monsters as a result of their experiences; when he returns to his room, Leah is there waiting for him.